Hi, I'm Andrew.

After surviving an ill-fated interaction with the business-end of a car, I have spent the past decade or so working on my recovery through writing and a Creative Writing degree. I have been writing genre fiction for years, and have been in class for such ominously categorized writing for a few years longer.

When not working on one book, I am brainstorming another at my usual drink at my local Starbucks while theorizing about interdenominational deities, buildings maps, and how to calculate the time it would take to get from one side of the world to the other using historically accurate modes of transportation.

I have short stories ranging from the tales of the sons that Zeus made with a turkey, a woman started World War I happen by her ordering a popular Bosnian soup for lunch, and a house party that God once had with giants from Jötunheimr and an ancient Canaanite god.

I am working a novel about talking animals and a world that is broken in half because two deistic trees fell in love with a very smart bird. I have one one about a hyper-conservative warren a barren rabbit and her brother. I have few more about a the conspiracy behind Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 16th century, and about a disheartening tower south Herefordshire.

My stories all in separate states of completion, but at any given time, one of them is being worked on, while others are being thought about and planned, or brainstormed at McDonald's on New Years Eve.

Kingsclere Warren

Luther Marigold wants nothing more than a seat in the church. Claudia Marigold wants nothing more than a family with her husband. Olivia wants nothing more than to help her sister, and the church wants nothing more to get in the middle of everything.


Tales of Lorcastle

When Finley meets a sketchy old fox in local pub, he finds out what role his family had in his world falling apart, and pulling itself back together.

Doward Hills

After finding herself stuck in a mysterious library, Madison must find out about the history of magic, where it went, and who is keeping it there.

Long Lasting, Rugged Construction

Otto just moved to the West End of Vancouver and is looking for a café to call his own - an ocean view would be nice, but finding one he doesn't fall asleep in all the time is a must.

April 3, 2018

Newton Cultural Center

June 13, 2018

Metro Vancouver Annual Open Mic Night @ Alliance for Arts + Culture

September 22, 2018

Writer’s Showcase @ Vancouver Public Library

September 11, 2019

Canadian Authors-Metro Vancouver: Fall Season Open Mic @ Alliance for Arts + Culture